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The Archive of the Ancients

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 05/16/2014 - 15:18

Before coming to Earth they [the Cyclopeans] had colonized much of what is known as the Milky Way Galaxy—thousands of suns and worlds came under their direct influence. They usually preceded other highly intelligent life forms to a world after it was ready for inhabitation. Once they took up existence on a new planet, they attempted to leave behind what we shall call great ‘libraries’ in their deep, underground empire of enormous cities. In these ‘libraries’ tiny crystal records contain the history of the Universe, and are enclosed in a magnetic field that, at times, finds an affinity with some ‘sensitive’ person living on the Earth today. Certain students call this “tuning in to the library, or the little red-brick schoolhouse.”

—George Hunt Williamson, The Road in the Sky

The Archive of the Ancients is a repository of knowledge about life, the Universe and everything, created here on this world, Tiamat, as a legacy for the evolving, intelligent life that is destined to follow the original colonists across the starways.

What the Archive is, is a storehouse of non-personal information. It contains the end result of a billion years research by the Cyclopeans on science, theology, philosophy, metaphysics and realms we haven't even considered yet, not even in our wildest imagination. It contains records of their travels across this local Universe, when the galaxies we now know so well were just solar systems.

Though the Archive contains information concerning the cultures of millions of worlds, it is not the Akashic Records (records of personal life and incarnations). The Archive is not a tool for healing or self-realization. It is a tool of research and a path to understanding for the peaceful explorers of the Universe.

Manataka, the Place of PeaceRecently, reports have surfaced that it may actually be several, physical places here on Earth, which act as terminals to this great Archive of information, often culture-specific. Such places are usually held sacred by ancient civilizations and almost always contain references to a “crystal cave” or “crystal city” in a mountain, or a stone forest with a name that translates to "the library of the Universe."

The Stone Forest of Peru is such a place, as is Manataka in Missouri (the Place of Peace).

One normally finds these terminals (or Pylons) associated with peaceful endeavors of ancient times.