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02 Levels of Existence

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Submitted by LoneBear on Thu, 03/27/2014 - 12:18

Larson's books primarily covers the inanimate, physical universe, which includes both matter (3D space) and antimatter (3D time). He did extend his research into biology, the animate or living realm, which brought him to some unusual places that a physical scientists was not too comfortable with, namely: ethical behavior and metaphysics. This research is documented in his posthumously published book, Beyond Space and Time. Larson would not allow this book to be published while he was alive, since he did this research in the 1960s and early 1970s when such concepts were not generally accepted by the public, and outraged the scientists he was trying to reach. However, it should be noted that ethical behavior and all the things we now label under metaphysics and psionics (psychic skills) were natural consequences of his theory of life.

The "--daniel" paper titled Homo Sapiens Ethicus contains much of the information that Larson describes in Beyond Space and Time, extending Larson's initial research into many other areas that include the after-death experience, reincarnation and ascension. Since that is already documented, it will be omitted from this summary.

Larson's research was based on the concept of "leftovers," in the sense that if anything could not be explained by a specific level of existence, it would be pushed into the next level. The depth of his research led to three of these levels:

  1. Inanimate: the chemical and mechanical relations of photons, particles and atoms. Larson's "physical" universe includes both the material and cosmic (antimatter) components, but is an either-or situation, it is either material OR cosmic, not both.
  2. Biologic: living (animate) structures, cells, cellular aggregates (organs) and life, in general. These structures are a composite of both material and cosmic structures, working together.
  3. Ethical: the "leftovers" from his research into biology, which includes ethical behavior, metaphysics, psionics and anything else that could not be explained by the inanimate or biologic levels.

Further research may show that as attributes of ethical behavior are determined by the natural consequences of the Reciprocal System, there may also be "leftovers" there that will create additional levels. The ancient systems of philosophy indicate that there are seven of these ontological levels of existence.

The yin-yang model presented in The Tao of Larson symbolically represents the first two levels of existence:

  1. The two "halves" of the yin-yang, treated independently, form the inanimate realms of the material and cosmic sectors.
  2. The entirety of the yin-yang symbol, as a composite motion of material+cosmic sectors, forms the "life unit," Larson's term for the building block of life. This makes "life" a stable, matter-antimatter reaction.

What is not visualized is the ethical level nor anything that potentially lies beyond the ethical. Considering the yin-yang symbol came into use about 3000 years ago, it may not be that such concepts were easily recognized in feudal China.

In order to address this missing component to ancient knowledge, Larson came up with a 3rd sector, the "Ethical sector," that interacted with both the material and cosmic sectors, concurrently. When life extended into this ethical sector, the life unit was modified into a control unit that had the capacity to override the survival behavior of biological entities. This was how Larson was able to explain ethical behaviors, such as acts of self-sacrifice. This is as far as Larson got with his research, laying the foundation for others to carry the research forward.

One of the things to note is that Larson's model promotes the evolution of consciousness concept, where the stray photon may at some time evolve into an ascended being of enormous capacity. It is a bottom-up approach that is based on the ever-increasing complexity of motion. In essence, Larson's complexification of motion is an ascension-based theory.

This concept is in opposition to the popular, New Age fallen angel concept of starting with an advanced, spiritual being that, for various reasons, takes physical form to experience life in this plane of existence. There is sufficient mythological evidence to indicate that this does, indeed, happen, but it appears to be the exception, not the rule, since all life on the planet must be considered--not just human life.