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Code of Ethics and Conduct

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/14/2014 - 18:54

“Ubuntu”1 is an African concept that means, “humanity towards others.” It is also a Linux-based operating system, but they do have an interesting code of conduct that, in a non-computer sense, applies to the Monastery as well:

  • Be considerate. We are a community dedicated to spiritual growth. When posting, be considerate of other people's feelings and remember that different cultures have different premises, and you may not be aware of them. Politeness goes a long way towards teaching and learning new ideas.
  • Be respectful. Even if you get frustrated, do not turn things into personal attacks. Keep the energy positive—it can be difficult at times, but good energy is always returned, amplified! If you need to vent, a private conversation with someone you respect would be a reasonable solution.
  • Be collaborative. Share what you know, as one, little thing may open a huge door of discovery for someone else.
  • Ask for help, when you actually need help. Don't pretend to be helpless when you're not. If you are stumped, take some time to try to figure out why—if you cannot, then ask for help, and present what you have found as background. That greatly assists others in understanding where you are and where you are trying to go—and perhaps they have been there, themselves, and know the shortcut out.
  • Provide help and assistance when you can, in all aspects of life. And it doesn't have to be big things—if someone is carrying a load, hold the door open for them. Always try to ease the burdens of others, rather than “give them a hard time.”

1 Ubuntu Code of Conduct