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Who, What and Why of “Kheb”

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Submitted by LoneBear on Fri, 02/14/2014 - 18:09

In Egyptian mythology, Khebet was a valley known for its swamps and ability to hide people in its dense vegetation, rock outcroppings and caves. Not all that friendly a place. But when Seth poisoned Horus,1 Isis knew that was one place that Seth and his followers would be unlikely to come looking, taking Horus there and plead with Ra for assistance, who provided it by stopping the sun in its path and letting part of the Earth scorch until Seth agreed to cure Horus. As the years passed and stories were told of this, the place where Isis hid Horus became known as Kheb (or Keb). It was, in essence, the first “Sanctuary” where someone spoke with god (Ra). Antiquatis Institute's project to build the monastery is called, “The Sanctuary Project” with reference to this place of safety.

Science Fiction tends to be on the leading edge of collective apprehension (that intuitive feeling that writers and artists put into words and shapes) and it is nice to see where “civilized society” is heading, as a general trend. The Stargate SG-1 television series was one of the better attempts to document some of these apprehensions. My two favorite episodes2 came back-to-back in Season 3: “Maternal Instinct” and “Crystal Skull.” Both episodes are the classic Daniel Jackson “meaning of life” motifs.3 And the fact that "Maternal Instinct" used Kheb, hidden away in that mountain valley, as the place to learn “ascension” to a higher state of existence just cinched it for me. When we started discussing Sanctuary and the path of ascension on the Antiquatis forum, the Stargate reference to Kheb just became the defacto standard for referring to both the path and the monastery, as it was easily identified by anyone who has seen the Stargate series (whereas the Egyptian parable is little known).

1 If one examines the name Horus, accounting for phonetic shift over the centuries, the modern pronunciation would be Jesus. Makes one think!

2 My favorite episodes are: Maternal Instinct, Crystal Skull, The Nox, The Torment of Tantalus, Enigma and a few others—I prefer the Daniel Jackson "meaning of life" episodes, more particularly regarding the Ancients, than the shoot-em-up episodes.

3 I always thought Sagittarian Daniel Jackson and Aquarian Jack O'Neil should have had a closer relationship, as both signs are devoted to seeking the truth of things and that tension between them never felt quite right in the series.